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  • Voice Leading

    Voice leading is a fascinating compositional tool that can help you create more expressive and harmonious music. In this post, I’ll explain what voice leading is, why it is important, and how you can apply it to your own compositions. What is voice leading? Voice leading, also known as part writing, is the linear progression…

  • Subtractive vs. Additive Synthesis

    Subtractive synthesis and additive synthesis are two different approaches to sound synthesis. If you look at the technical specifications of a hardware synthesizer, it will usually be distinctly labelled as one of these two (granular and wavetable synthesis come later as features of primarily software synthesizers). Subtractive synthesis involves starting with a harmonically rich waveform,…

  • Quick Tips for New Beatsmiths

    Quick Tips for New Beatsmiths

    Like any creative medium, there are many approaches to start making beats, depending on your background, musical style, and preferences

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