Mega MIDI Melody Pack – Pack of 5000 Melodies

$25 (incl. Tax)

The Mega MIDI Melody Pack is a collection of 5000, 4-bar, MIDI melodies suitable for use with a digital audio workstations (DAWs) or MIDI-capable hardware sequencers.


Looking for a a huge library of inspiring melodic ideas for your next great projects?

Introducing the Mega MIDI Melody Pack! Packed full with 5000 catchy 4-bar melodies, this versatile product is a dream for musicians and composers. This pack includes 5000 MIDI melodies that cover various genres, allowing you to easily find the perfect lead or bassline. Compatible with popular DAWs and hardware sequencers, these MIDI files can be used as is or manipulated to suit your preferences. These melodies add an additional 5000 unique melodies to our MIDI melody pack collection.

Elevate your music production game with this must-have MIDI resource!

Your files remain downloadable at any time through your account on Beatsmith.


  • High-quality MIDI files designed and tested to work with popular DAWs like Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Cubase, and most others.
  • A wide variety of genres and styles to choose from.
  • Royalty-free licenses that allow you to use the MIDI files in your own productions without having to pay additional fees.
  • Free updates and support for the MIDI files you purchase.


Additional information

Description of Item

Compressed Archive (.zip) of 5000 (.mid) files. License and instruction files included.

Number of Files



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Erik Janvsson, Olivia Lewis